Sina and Koré

27 min. animated short, 2015
Director: Emil Goodman
Producers: Miklós Kázmér, Zoltán Hidvégi

The lonely traveller born by the light Sina who has infinite knowledge is searching the Universe seeking for the source of life. He wants to understand the source of life in the hope that eventually he could become a creator himself. He’s able to replicate the creatures of the Universe but he’s incapable of creating real life. Through a signal he finds Koré – the young ancestress living on a dying planet. Together they are able to create real beings. But Sina eventually becomes envious of the creating power of the girl and this feeling pushes their relationship to decay. Sina has to fight with his own nature so that he could get forgiveness and eventually he and Koré could start to create a new world of purity.


full length film